Mark Shimazaki Award

(In honor of Mark Shimazaki for his long term service to CYC.  This award will honor those individuals who have participated and given back to their organization, CYC and community.  Also, to recognize and honor boys who are role models for future generations of CYC.)

     2018-19  Kai Yokoyama (Mustangs)


Hideo Kunitomi / Paul Suzuki Award

(In memory of Hideo Kunitomi and Paul Suzuki to honor both men for their long term service to CYC.  A college scholarship is awarded to a young man who excels in the following areas:  scholastic achievement, active participation in school and community affairs, leadership skills and true sportsmanship.)

     2018-19  Nathan Kuoch (Bruins)

     2017-18  Tyler Yang (Bruins)

     2016-17  Justin Hayata (Jets / Mustangs); Nicholas Fong (Tigers)

     2015-16  Rece Kunisaki (Mustangs)


     2013-14  Joshua Yeh  (Evergreen)

     2012-13  Harrison Jung (Bruins); Samuel Quon (Evergreen)

     2011-12  Trent Kajikawa (Bruins)

     2010-11  Nolan Tcheng (Bruins)


Shig Kohashi / Kenji Taniguchi Award

(Started in 1976 to honor a co-founder of CYC Shig Kohashi and in 2004 Kenji Taniguchi’s name was added for his 45+ years’ service to CYC.  This award is given to an adult who has made outstanding contributions to CYC basketball as a volunteer.)

     2018-19  Hannah Chang

     2017-18  Donna Hihara

     2016-17  Shauna Hiranaka

     2015-16  Michael Guzman

     2014-15  Kevin Yeh

     2013-14  Sam Kozono

     2012-13  Kyoko Muronaka

     2011-12  Bruce and Joyce Kunisaki

     2010-11  Tom Kawada